Who We Are?
We are all in a team work of Sentra BD working faithfully to serve customers in INDONESIA.Our strong basic understandings in the area of protein, analytical, and clinical chemistry with additional years of research in the area of molecular biology, nutritional science, electrochemistry, optoelectronics, electrical engineering, have given us abilities to help assist scientists to get what is needed to accomplish their pursuits.
Our team is able to act quick, tightly measured, highly responsive to all your inquiries!Customer support team is backed up with skilled product specialists and dedicated technical engineers have been an asset for us to be here for you. We have long experiences in delivering technologies to destinations from North Sumatera till North Sulawesi and down to Bali, Lombok, Flores, and Irian Jaya, covering all main islands in INDONESIA.
We are connected to more than 400 scientists all over the islands in more than 300 research-based institutions! Please do address your inquiries to info@sentrabd.com
Wed May 22 2019 12:53 AM
PT. SENTRA BIOSAINS DINAMIKARuko Cempaka Mas blok O-26Jalan Letjen Suprapto, Jakarta 10640Tel (62-21) 4287 8758, 4288 6574, 6575Fax (62-21) 4287 8709www.sentrabd.com
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