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We have been in the biotech market in INDONESIA since 1995 (over 15 years) focusing in life science research and progressing into molecular diagnostics in coming years.
Our understandings in life science equipment has lent credence to most of scientists working in various areas of research fields include molecular agro-biotechnology, biopharmaceutical (pharmaco-genomics) R&D, biotech research for state crops, biodiversity conservation, quarantine agencies (novel pathogens), livestock research (nutria-genomics), veterinary sciences, assessment and application of industrial and agricultural biotechnology, biotech and genetic plant resources, vegetable crop research, food crops, food and drug assessment, cancer research, marine and fisheries research center, animal health, and many others.
We are connected to scientists as well as to sub-distribution channeling who are contributing significantly to the looping of principal-distributor-sub distributor-project implementations in Indonesia.
Sentra BD (PT Sentra Biosains Dinamika) is keen to help develop human skills at the basic practice of DNA manipulations and bio-molecule determinations in our Competence Laboratory. We have been hosting quite a number of practitioners (mainly from public institutions) in various fields of PCR-based method establishments. Not to mention scholars who spend their time and efforts in making use of our facility to generate valid consistent data in DNA and protein profiles.
We are currently connected to Bionoetikos (Hongkong, Thailand) enterprise in partnership to develop biotech market in Indonesia. The Bionoetikos ( has been pioneering the life science market in Asia and other emerging countries covering more than 70 countries, it is related to the HVD (HQ Europe)that controls master distributions to Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Asia regions.
Our Sentra BD website is newly revised to presenting all information to INDONESIA users in a very friendly way (using Bahasa Indonesia), in a simple-to-read format so one can easily find their needs to get things done by the end of the day!
Our main goal is to help assist research and development in life science and molecular diagnostics areas in INDONESIA by providing excellent technical guidance, maintenance of purchased equipment, updating users with new technology information continuously growing in recent years. Sentra BD is connected to reliable principals from all over the world. Our product gallery spans bioengineering, laboratory equipment and biotech applications in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, food, agriculture, industrial biotechnology and environmental protection.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or requests simply by emailing us to INFO@SENTRABD.COM or faxing us at (62-21) 4287 8709 (24 hours stand by machine).
Sincerely,Sentra BD (PT Sentra Biosains Dinamika)Managing Director
Wed May 22 2019 12:52 AM
PT. SENTRA BIOSAINS DINAMIKARuko Cempaka Mas blok O-26Jalan Letjen Suprapto, Jakarta 10640Tel (62-21) 4287 8758, 4288 6574, 6575Fax (62-21) 4287
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